Mike DenisonI am the MD, founder & the head coach & lean mentor at Lean Mentor International, a Business Performance Improvement Company. As an expert & specialist in the field of lean mentoring, lean management & executive coaching, I have worked in the field of management consulting lean manufacturing & process improvement for the last 17 years. At Lean Mentor International I am often involved in public speaking & business conferences on lean coaching & lean management systems since leaving Toyota in 1997. As MD & the head coach at Lean Mentor International, I & my team, have been providing executive coaching & lean mentoring to the world’s largest & most successful organisations, across diverse sectors including healthcare, automotive, transportation, aerospace & nuclear industries.

Examples of the management consulting I provide as MD, executive coach & lean mentor include:

• Delivering business process improvement & lean manufacturing techniques to fortune 500 companies
• Coaching & lean mentoring of “C” level executives
• Business Planning & Breakthrough Strategy development
• Public Speaking & Continuous Improvement Seminars
• Lean leadership & lean management systems development
• Business and project turnarounds

This is a brief list of my extensive experience.

To find out more about my management consulting, & executive coaching, especially in the field of lean management, or attend one of my lean management workshops, or book me for your public speaking seminar, do not hesitate to contact me.

As MD, lean mentor specialist & executive coach at Lean Mentor International, I can provide your company with unrivalled lean management coaching, management consulting & business process improvement techniques. Take a look at some of the things my clients have said about how we have taken them out of comfort into excellence.