Lean Mentor International Client Talk.

Are you looking for a top Lean Consultant and a reliable, plus knowledgeable Lean Consultancy to help your organisation reduce costs, improve productivity, systemise the business and get your projects back on track, without affecting stability or current performance?

Do you want that consultancy to demonstrate significant ROI, create a positive Impact and show you the Value of what thay can do?

Are you looking to generate a more productive, highly motivated and engaged workforce?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by lack of time to focus on those important improvement activities which really matter in your business?

Lean Mentor International’s principle Lean Consultant, Mike Denison and Lean Mentor International can help and show you how to implement sustainable lean techniques and lean management systems enabling you to deliver more with less.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the coaching and the leadership development work and the value we have delivered for them…….

Tim Razzeca, the HSE Manager was involved in the Lean Mentor International Systematic Leadership Program at WZ in 2011 and 2012 and believes that the program helped link a lot of leadership and management concepts together, delivering valuable improvements in transparency and policy deployment, establishing breakthrough strategies and managing improvements through PDCA and leader daily routines. Tim highlights the way in which, through the program, the team progressed from an understanding of lean tools to a cohesive approach to building a lean culture, using the insights they gained to inform how they could apply the learning in the business. 

Scott Dahle, one of the participating leaders from Western Zirconium took part in the four month Systematic Leadership Program and was able to see how the habits, behaviours and attitudes of the leaders changed by applying the learning in the business. He discusses the transformation that the program has facilitated and the benefits in terms of team working, time management and leadership.

Mick Gornall, Operations Director and Brian Woods, Head of Transformation at Springfields Fuels reveal how The High Impact Leadership Program gave their leadership team the ability to engage with their people,  building on more than 10 years of continuous improvement activity.  Lean Mentor International helped Springfields Fuels develop an internal lean leadership program to help build a stronger leadership team that could deliver their transformation and continuous improvement goals. The results have been tangible, with more effective problem solving, process confirmation and operational improvements. Thanks to the program, managers have also become coaches, engaging with staff to help realise their untapped potential and empowering them to take action to improve the business. 

Glen Galer, Plant Manager at Western Zirconium explains how he used the Systematic Leadership Program to gain a better understanding of the challenges his team faces and the obstacles preventing change within the business. As a result, he has freed up time to focus on coaching and supporting his people, creating a systematic style of management that concentrates on delivering value to the organisation. Six months on, Glen credits the program with making significant improvements in team behaviours including greater engagement, a more questioning approach and more proactive problem solving. 

Denny Hardy, Operations Manager at Westinghouse’s Western Zirconium site now understands the importance of the leadership role in a continuous improvement transformation, thanks to participation in the Systematic Leadership Program in 2011 and 2012. Since then, a questioning style of management has challenged the team on the shop floor to unlock their potential and play an active role in improving the business. Denny explains how the program has enabled the management team to engage with staff and put lean tools and techniques into practice, building on the company’s strengths.

Dave Hill, Training Manager at WZ shares his experience of the Systematic Leadership Program, revealing how it has benefitted both him and the whole team. Dave explains how he’s been able to free up time thanks to a more systematic approach to management while gaining a better real time understanding of day-to-day activity within the business. Making the company’s systems and processes more transparent has also aided communication across the company, playing a vital role in helping Dave put lean management theory into action. 

Jane Rosaasen, Director of Production for Cleveland Truck Plant, Daimler Trucks USA, shares her experience through a six month transition coaching program, where she learned the skills and systems of an effective lean manager. Moving from a HR Director role into production involved a full on learning program, from learning how to coach and influence, to how a truck is assembed, the constraint areas, problems, challenges, the systems and developing the production Hoshin Plans. Jane loved the experience and her enthusiasm for both the coaching and solving problems has enabled her to quickly get up to speed in her new role. 

Mike McCurry, Plant Manager, Daimler Trucks North America, Mike, talks about the success of Jane’s role transition coaching program, what difference it has made for the plant, the impact and results that have been achieved in six months.