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I worked with Mike over the course of six months and it was a fantastic experience with lessons that I still use and apply today. He is totally committed to your success and will spend all the time with you that is needed. He is engaging and personable. Most importantly the tools and coaching he gives you works and they get results. I am proud to say that two years later, there is still a relationship and I value his input.”                              

Eddie Gautier, Operations Manager 




“I would recommend Mike Denison from Lean Mentor International, if you’ve reached a plateau in manufacturing performance and need a fresh approach to take you to the next level- talk to Mike about their Manufacturing Leadership Programme- it delivers results. The programme Mike has developed for us at Westinghouse is helping us to move towards a culture involving higher levels of accountability in a non- threatening way, the biggest value is not in the theory but in the applied learning and practice in the ‘field’ plus the coaching skills support he teaches you to provide to your staff to change their habits.

Performance in the problem areas where we have concentrated our coaching and leadership effort have increased beyond my expectation in a short period. I set the target of getting Cell OEE up to 73% by end of the year. I remember listening to all the reasons why this would not be possible from one member and now one shift is there already, one is not far behind and the other three are rapidly catching up.”

Chris Goddard. Operations Manager, Springfields Fuels Limited, Westinghouse




“Lean Mentor International and Mike Denison were brought onto the PPP project in Sydney Australia, by Downer EDI Rail in April 2009 to assist the project in meeting a crucial train design milestone. Their contribution was hugely significant. With an emphasis on visual management, rigorous forward planning, incessant follow-up and the optimizing of behaviors, the project was able to marshal the necessary focus to pull-off this very important challenge. The pay-back was substantial, helping us to recover the project and a massive $29M AUD in milestone revenue. The systems Mike put in place and the performance centers he developed continue to play a vital day-to-day role in delivering this very complex project.


Downer EDI Rail can recommend Lean Mentor International without hesitation. I unreservedly recommend Mike, his unique set of talents and skills lead to much better performance. My experience with him has been in multi-billion dollar complex projects where financial performance was directly linked to on-time delivery. The pay-back from having hired Mike was a step-change in project execution. This change came from a much more rigorous and disciplined focus on issue management and, most importantly, from his emphasis on the behaviors that ultimately drive results in resource-starved projects dominated by competing priorities and the costly passage of time. In my experience, there are only a very limited number of people who really understand what drives good project execution. Mike is definitely one of these few.” Eric Patterson, Rail Executive, March, 2012



“Mike Denison is a trusted associate for Coaching for Change and brings with him a distinct set of skills that are hard to come by. The ability to engage with C level people one moment then using appropriate language and approach for gaining rapport and understanding at other levels with integrity. A great presenter with the ability to enthuse an audience, get his message across and influences others to progress their goals. Will cut through fog to get detail and data to make decisive decisions. I am pleased to recommend Mike to any client in any sector.”

Lee Kemp, Managing Director, Coaching for Change



“We hired Mike to assist with the development of Lean Leadership within the senior management team of G4S Cash Services and to implement some Lean interventions within the high volume cash processing areas of the business. Mike’s approach was exceptional, getting right into the psychology of leadership and the barriers to success. This is clearly where he excels. The shop-floor initiatives that Mike led production teams through were well thought out, efficiently executed and delivered real results. Overall, Mike can operate at any level, be it leading teams through production changes or coaching and mentoring CEOs.”

Graham Turnbull, Lean Transformation Manager, G4S



“At Westinghouse, the Springfields Fuels facility, we have a lot of experience in Continuous improvement and we have been applying lean manufacturing principles and six sigma methodologies for a good ten years. One of the things we have learned is its not just the tools and techniques you apply in the business that give you the business benefit, but more how you engage your workforce and enthuse the people to deploy those processes. With this in mind we engaged Mike Denison from Lean Mentor International to develop a leadership programme which we have called Manufacturing Leadership that has given us a management development standard in how we train our managers to apply these management systems. After just six months we are seeing tangible benefits across the organisation. We are seeing more effective problem solving out in the field, the information we are collecting and using in our performance centres and our process confirmation has developed hugely and made us much more effective as a management team to stand us in good stead for the future and our business challenges.”

Mick Gornall, Operations Director, Springfields Fuels, Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels



“I am pleased to say that I had the honour to work for and with Mike on a range of client projects at both RWD Technologies and, more recently as business alliance partners for Project7. Mike has a unique combination of experience, skill and emotional intelligence that makes him one of the most valuable principle lean consultants, and personal mentors, that I have had the pleasure to work with. His Executive Coaching skills are second to none, this judgement being made not only from personal observation, but also from many client endorsements, and most importantly, many successful client projects. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike for your business or your personal development needs and I always look at how I might include him in my project teams on new engagements.”

Paul Healing. COO, Project 7 Consultancy


“Mike Denison of Lean Mentor International has been a trusted Alliance Partner with Project7 for the last three years. Prior to that I worked closely with Mike managing various projects in the automotive, aerospace, utilities and mass transportation sectors. I chose Mike as a contracting consultant for Project7 due to his proven track record of delivering excellent service and results to clients with a variety of needs. He is has a speciality in understanding the motivations that drive behaviours in business which provides him with a unique ability to change results quickly. I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Gareth Lewis, MD and CEO of Project7 Consultancy Global


Mike is simply exceptional at what he does. Unlike many, he has the ability to transcend different levels of organizations and ultimately he gets fantastic results for clients. I have been lucky enough to see what he does and how he does it, but ultimately what he leaves companies with is lasting change which has a direct and often immediate impact on a companies bottom line. Mike is also a superb speaker and motivator, which enables him further to embed his knowledge into companies he works with. I can recommend Mike to any organization interested in applying next level lean techniques to their company, but even more so if they are interested in transforming their business to a higher level of operational and human performance. Steve Fairhurst, Managing Firector, Regenic Ltd


“Mike is one of the few people who really understands the Toyota version of lean and lean management in all its complexity and can get this across with his clients, in a way that is informative, inspirational and enjoyable, whilst at the same time delivering measurable business benefit.”

Simon Castleman, Business Development Director, RWD Technologies



“We hired Mike Denison as our Lean Management Coach for Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation. Mike has a great rapport with all whom he interacted with; he is a refined people coach that understands people are an asset to the company. A common quote is “bad processes beat good people every time”. He worked on improving the processes and coached the people to fit into the process and gave them empowerment to highlight abnormalities in the process. Great coach and person.”

Graeme Edgson, Plant Manager, Visteon Corporation and Ford Motor Company



“Mike came to Windsor Components manufacturing in CT to provide the Systematic Leadership for Manufacturing training and coaching. He was a great facilitator and the evaluation sheets showed it. In April 2012, I invited him to our annual Administrative Assistant Luncheon and I asked if he could provide a motivational speech. He did a great job and again the feedback was positive. I enjoyed his company so much that I invited him to my house to have dinner with some friends and family. The program that Mike teaches is excellent and it would be beneficial to any company”. Laura Gayton, HR Manager at Westinghouse Windsor Components



“Mike is without question, a very knowledgeable and professional deliverer of lean manufacturing and lean management coaching and mentoring solutions. During my time with Mike, he was able to inspire, guide, and deliver the customer solutions on-time, every time. He can adapt to any situation and any challenge in business, but also takes time to listen to the customer. Whilst being very diligent and professional, Mike is also extremely approachable and can work with any level of an organisation. I have absolutely no hesitation at recommending Mike’s activities.”

Richard Benham, Business Implementation Manager, Lean & CI, Rolls-Royce Aerospace



High Performing Leadership Programme

“We engaged Mike Denison and Lean Mentor International, because of the work we had previously done with Mike. We were looking for lean leadership expertise, to help us with our Leadership and Management development requirements, to bridge the gap between tool deployment and effective implementation through the style of leadership. The engine of change is most positively through Leadership engagement and participation in a standard and structured manner of management behaviours aligned with key tools and this course has delivered this for the first time. 

Over the last 9 months, Mike and Lean Mentor International has supported and guided us in the development of a customised Leadership and Management Development Programme, which although we have just completed the first pilot group with the Senior Operations Staff, the change in this senior management team’s outlook and approach, was exciting and met all our objectives.  This team has formulated the roll out programme to our other management teams that will translate the training into a measurable ROI.  Thanks to Mike and Lean mentor International for their time and efforts into developing this material and supporting us on this journey to operational excellence.”

Keith Riley, Westinghouse Manufacturing Systems Operations Manager




“We engaged Mike Denison from Lean Mentor International to help us further develop our Behavioural Safety approach. The coach training and coaching support made us think differently about behavioural safety coaching and how to engage and ask questions in a different way, a way that involves others and helps to expand their safety awareness. The Safety Coaching programme is the first one we’ve liked from others we have looked at over the last 6 years enabling us to be more structured and effective in how we involve people, it embeds a whole new questioning way of raising hazards, where people are now looking for themselves and will own safety and awareness of hazards.

The Operations Director loves the approach we are taking and the support we have had from Mike Denison, he is very enthused by the approach we are taking. Whilst it is still too early to fully evaluate the impact on our safety performance, we believe it will significantly reduce risks in our business, and we are currently predicting that it will save both time and reduce costs, it has made us think about how we can change the whole of our behavioural safety system to be much more engaging and away from a tick the box mentality.”

Derek McMillan.  Site Behavioural Safety Co-ordinator, Springfields Fuels Limited, Westinghouse


“Mike has tremendous experience, knowledge and passion for Lean Manufacturing and Leadership Development and is able to inspire others with his infectious enthusiasm. Always a pleasure to work with him“. Peter Doyle at Nuclear & Manufacturing Excellence Ltd