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Mike Denison, our Principle Lean Consultant & Lean Thought Leader would love to add value to your audience at your event


Mike Denison Talk 2aMike Denison brings his years of experience and knowledge in his models and thinking on personal productivity, lean management, teamwork, systematic leadership and employee engagement to hundreds of leaders every year. 

Mike shares, inspires and involves the audience through his accessibility, humour and story-telling. His clients include many top companies around the world, professional organisations, non-profits and educational institutions. He is currently delivering a lean management module for Glyndwr’s Executive MBA Program.


Whether you’re looking to learn more about effective leadership models, understand about lean initiatives that go wrong, rolling out a new culture initiative, developing your leaders, or seeking a thought-provoking, engaging and relevant keynote speaker for your group, we can help.


Mike at the recent 2014 “Lean Island” Conference in Reykjavik, where he talks about and inspires his audience to focus on value through “Leadership Kaizen”



“Leadership Kaizen, Releasing Time to Lead and Succeed with Lean “

Description of the talk: –

Leaders and managers have a responsibility to be a role model, to lead by example, to add value in the business and to enable their people in improving how they work.

How many leaders do you know that teach and promote lean thinking and lean systems, but waste their own time on ineffective meetings, poor time management or get consumed by information, firefighting and emails?

It’s almost inconceivable, even disrespectful to think, that managers have focused on improving flow across the business but not addressed flow and value in their own work.

Lean is more about developing a thinking way, than implementing a bunch of tools to cut costs. Developing a thinking way, in which people are continuously improving how they work, to increase more value for their customers.

Many managers are waste creators, because they think it’s the operational processes that need the waste removing, not their own activities, they will introduce non value added activities into their own limited time as well as into others time.

There is little self-reflection and in some cases no self-improvement. Many managers need “leadership kaizen” before they implement lean operational processes.

This presentation explores leadership value and management wastes, it looks at some management thinking habits that are constraining your productivity and sets out a thinking way to increase your value as a leader.


What is it that Mike can bring to your speaking event, and why would your audience find him and his talks interesting?27a1d178-9302-4aa1-b2ea-14034f162c83-large

Mike has  created and implemented some interesting and fresh concepts and  innovative programs in business transformation, new leadership thinking
and lean management systems……and these have delivered dramatic change and some extraordinary quantifiable results. Some
of those result
s Mike and Lean Mentor International have attained for companies have affected nearly every facet of their business. These are practical lessons that business audiences can genuinely relate to, that deliver real value and impact, and allow audiences to take something val
uable that they can apply right away.


For example “Creating Capacity to Lead” was a powerful presentation born from Mike’s work with a number of clients, struggling in finding time to become involved in their business improvement programs and it was specifically developed around managers releasing ONE day a week so that they can use that time to more effectively engage, coach and support their people in implementing process improvements, problem thinking and problem solving.

Perhaps more importantly, is the fact that Mike can deliver specific, researched material for the individual audience, so the material delivered is not only relevant, but it is also fresh, educates and entertains. Mike is passionate about his subject and this really comes out in his presentations and when he speaks, he loves using and working with metaphors, stories and situational props that really drive home the learning points and engage the audience in his message.

Mike will research and develop a topic to suit your specific needs, here are some examples of his Keynote Topics:

Leading with Impact, Playing the System, The Science of Leadership, Are
you Preprogramed for Lean, On Target for Success, The Magnificant Seven
Secrets of Success, Let Me See Your Skeletons, At Your Service,
Springboard to Success, The Invisible Elephant, Are You a Valuable


Download Mike’s Speaker Profile now and learn more about how he can add value to your conference or speaking event.


Download and take a look through some of Mike’s Keynote Topics. 


This is what some of Mike’s past audiences have said:

“I attended an event and had the pleasure of listening to Mike Denison doing a presentation to businesses. I came away with some extremely useful and practical information that I was able to use immediately in the business quickly and easily. The benefits gained for time management and prioritising tasks has been invaluable but so simple to implement. I found Mikes no nonsense, simple ideas both refreshing and motivating. I would highly recommend Mike Denison to any company looking to improve their efficiency and productivity and question their systems and methods. Sarah Hawkins,SYS Marketing


Mike has presented at events for me which had excellent reviews and resulted in on-going dialogue due to his engaging manner. I have always found Mike to be enthusiastic, reliable and innovative in his approach he is a positive influence in whatever way you wish to work with him.” Helen Smith, Director Pharmamatrix

 “I have known Mike for many years and am very happy to recommend him as a mentor. He is also an excellent group / public speaker – Mike gets his message across clearly and with enthusiasm in novel ways that grip the listener’s attention ….When you hear him speak you want to change!” Delia Quigley, Author and Business Consultant

 I first met Mike when we were both involved at a full day’s seminar at the Palace Hotel, Manchester and again at a Liverpool Hotel, when he ws delivering a motivational day’s seminar. He is full of energy and inspires you to carry on and move onwards and upwards at the same time. I would highly recommend to attend one of his workshops or listen to him speak. Geoffrey Prince, Retired Business Director MCMI., 2013

In April 2012, I invited Mike to our Annual Administrative Assistant Luncheon and asked if he could provide a motivational speech at short notice. He did a great job and the feedback was really positive. I enjoyed his company so much that I invited him to my home to have dinner with some friends and family, he is an inspiration. Laura Gayton, HR Manager at Westinghouse Windsor Components