Transportation Sector

The Transportation industry encompasses the operations and services of mass transportation. This includes rail, busses and coaches, aircraft, taxis and shipping. The systems that support the effectiveness and efficiency of a transportation service organisation are conducive to lean thinking and a lean systems approach as we have discovered with the support and system design with many of our clients in this sector.
Typically the most common issues and challenges we have identified from our research and consulting in the transportation sector are:
  • Reliability and availability performance
  • Improving customer satisfaction and perception through increasing service performance
  • Exam management and optimisation, including heavy maintenance and component changeover lead time reduction
Lean Mentor International services to transportation industry clients include:
  • Project turnaround
  • Service performance and operational performance recovery
  • Process Improvement in lead time, operational efficiency
  • Product introduction and reliability performance improvement
  • Modification lead time reduction
  • Product Quality Improvement using Quality Mapping and Building in Quality techniques
  • Warehouse and Operations reduction in Inventory Levels – Applying Just In Time Philosophy
  • Introduction and enhancement of Maintenance Systems using TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) philosophy
  • New Product Introduction / Plant Launch Support
  • Process Design and Redesign / Plant Lean Layout
  • Supply Chain Logistics optimisation
Our Specialists have consulted and coached with leading manufacturing organisations including:
Bombardier Transportation Rail Operations, Virgin Trains, Arriva Trains, Angel Trains, Downer EDI Rail Australia, Rail, Irish Rail (Iarnrod Eireann).