Public Sector

Public sector based organisations are currently investing enormous effort, financial resources and time in reorganisation, business improvement techniques such as lean and six sigma, in the pursuit for operational and performance excellence. Managers devote long hours to training and education, but knowledge, time personal effort and upheaval don’t guarantee results. We often find that organisations focus heavily on the tools and techniques, without giving enough thought to the leadership style and practice necessary for implementing this kind of cultural change.

Solutions for structuring change

Whether it be in the NHS, Education, HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions, Courts or any of the other key public service departments, lean is starting to have an effect. This can be both positive and negative and depending on the structure and approach taken, will enable or limit the impact and results that can be gained. Lean Mentor International has the solution for structuring the changes and leading your lean programmes.

The stresses on departments and managers is increasing and there is the need for a new and improved way of working if the savings and performance improvements necessary are to be realised, without compromising or overburdening the impact on service delivery and people’s health and ability to work effectively.

Engaging and switching on staff

Lean and lean thinking for leaders and managers is critical to the success of the current Government strategy for managing budget cuts whilst increasing service delivery and value to the customer. The challenge being, increasing performance by reducing overhead, improving services, eliminating waste and low value activities, but at the same time engaging and switching on staff to want to contribute to these improvements without the overload, overburden and stress that often comes with changes and reorganisations of this nature .

A systematic and innovative approach

Lean is not just about cutting costs and improving service delivery, it’s also about the engagement and motivation of people to draw on their ideas and encouragement of innovation that increases both their value and the value that is delivered to the public. It takes a systematic and innovative approach to balance this complex situation and not have a damaging effect on service or morale.

Whilst all industries have their individual challenges, all have a number of common aims and are all actively seeking opportunities to reduce costs, lower cycle times, improve service and delivery performance, exceed customer satisfaction and accelerate ideas, design and innovation into the company. It is with the premise of helping leaders to lead and managers to manage that Lean Mentor International makes a difference and adds value.

We have unique expertise in modern leadership and management practices, incorporating lean thinking, lean management, systems thinking and neuro science. Our research and studies of human behaviour, success psychology and optimal learning methods enabled us to design and deliver successful leadership and management development programmes across a number of business sectors over the last 10 years.

We work on the fundamental basis that everything can be improved and the heart of all improvement comes from MEASURING, MONITORING and MANAGING Performance.

Shifting your thinking to bring about change

It takes a shift in conventional thinking to bring in the changes that will transform the way an organisation operates and delivers exceptional results. Lean Mentor International specialists understand and apply how to bring about that shift, through challenging a leader’s and manager’s outlook and beliefs to see new opportunities and benefits of working differently.

Recognising the challenges that leaders face in the workplace today, Lean Mentor International specialists coach lean management principles and lean thinking so that your leaders and managers can implement the lasting change that leads to greater success.

Issues and challenges in the Public Sector

Typically the most common issues and challenges we have identified from our research and consulting in the Public Sector are:
  • Lean management deployment strategy
  • Leadership style
  • Leadership and management value
  • Teamwork and team building
  • Eliminating waste, removing overburden and reducing unevenness and a balanced way
  • Lean tools deployment approach
  • Increasing organisational transparency and
  • Problem solving effectiveness
  • Process complexity
  • Meeting and communication effectiveness and value
  • Productive leader

Services to the Public Sector

Lean Mentor International services to the Public Sector clients include:
  • Top team alignment and lean thinking strategy development
  • Vision, purpose and principles development
  • Lean thinking and systems thinking education
  • Hoshin, strategy deployment sessions
  • Senior management team coaching and mentoring
  • Lean Leadership development programmes
  • Service performance and operational performance improvement
  • Process Improvement in lead time, operational efficiency and
  • Service Quality Improvement using Quality Mapping and Building in Quality techniques
  • Effective root cause problem solving
  • Releasing time to lead