Financial Sector

The Financial Sector is one of the latest industries that is taking lean into its framework. Lean Mentor International has consulted, mentored and coached leaders and managers in the cash security sectors, cash services sectors and in the financial advisory sectors.

The target we have identified in many organisations in this sector is cost reduction, process optimisation and improved customer service, by applying lean thinking and lean management in these areas.

Lean Mentor international provides a shift in mainstream thinking, with a new attention that challenges leaders and mangers in Financial institutions, to focus on empowering people, process transparency, delivering high value activities and exceptional service as a way of increasing both productivity and innovation in your organisation.

Lean Mentor international will coach and mentor your leaders and managers on how to optimise processes and introduce systems that will enable a “more for less” strategy, that engages and motivates staff in lean thinking and driving the changes that will result in sustainable improvements.

We appreciate the specific conditions and environment necessary to slash processing times, optimise workflows and the systemising of routines that increase productivity and increase employee satisfaction through involvement and ownership; that ultimately improves the financial service that your customers want and expect.

Our IMPACT leadership development programme is perfectly suited to the office/service based organisation that wants to improve how to engage and mobilise staff in applying lean strategically into administrative, transactional and decision based functions.