Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our work is measurable

Lean Mentor International is committed to your satisfaction in all the work we do with our clients and achieving the results you expect. We measure success and a return on investment for every piece of work we deliver. Change is only of value when it can be demonstrated as an improvement and any improvement must be evaluated and quantified.
We qualify success and value in your eyes and define the nature of a return on investment before we begin any project or programme, so that we can guarantee your satisfaction.

There are a number of appropriate calculations and evaluations we can share that can quantify results and qualify tangible returns. The evaluation approaches that we employ vary across situations and topics and the character of the intervention, plus the needs and expectations of our clients and their stakeholders.

Wherever possible we do all we can to track, highlight and record the behavioural impacts and the business improvements that result from our interventions.

What we aim for:
  • Partnership agreement how and where behavior change and business improvement will be observed.
  • Clarify to understand the business context and identify exactly where we can add the greatest value.
  • Define measurable learning objectives that are clearly aligned to the current business need.
  • Identify the most appropriate evaluation and strategy.
  • Identify business focused activities that support and enhance learning.
  • Provide measurable performance data that can contribute towards the evaluation.
  • Track and quantify behaviour change and business improvement impact and report back.