networked-worldWhat is a Total Lean Enterprise

Whilst many organisations focus on getting to grips with the lean tools and techniques and managing the change to a new way of working and managing their new business practices, some organisations are realising that “lean” is much more than tools and techniques, more than a new way of leading and managing and much more than lean supply chain management.

Of course it is all of this and more. There are a number of organisations today that are successfully applying lean thinking and looking to extend this thinking beyond their own organisation into the Total Lean Enterprise

There was a very useful statement about lean enterprise made a few years ago: “A lean enterprise is an integrated entity which efficiently creates value for its multiple stakeholders by employing lean principles and practices.” -Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT, 2001

A Total Lean Enterprise looks beyond  the company into the extended enterprise of the Total Supply Chain, incorporating the funadmental lean principles of FLOW, PULL, VALUE, ELIMINATION OF WASTE and a COMPLETE CUSTOMER FOCUS. A Total Lean Enterprise, breaks down the barriers of confidentiality, communication and collaboration that often exist within a supply chain and aims at building up powerful partnerships that ensure greater value and mutual benefits for all, but especially the customer.

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Recently delivering a 3 Day Excellence through Lean, Executive MBA for Glyndwr University, enabled me to share both my experiences and many of the strategies that I and Lean Mentor International have supported our clients with. The debates are very interesting, ranging from, Where do you start to implement lean? to What is the most important lean tool to use? and How do you sustain the transformation?

Lean and certainly when you start to explore Total Enterprise Lean, you quickly realise that it is not an easy task, nor is it a 1 or 2 year improvement strategy, it takes a whole new way of looking at the business as well as in many cases a complete restructuring of the systems and structures of the organisation to operate in a more effective way.

Total Lean Enterprise Excellence Model - Denison

The EMBA students got a real insight into Total Lean Enterprise thinking and we opened up some hidden business paradigms as we explored the six key elements of a Lean Enterprise Excellence Model, alongside the People enablers and the Transformation enablers

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