Was David Hume, the 17th Century, Scottish philosopher the real founder of much of today’s business thinking and possibly Toyota’s TPS?

He explored and developed much of his thinking around The Scientific Method (adopted by Toyota in its PDCA, Hoshin & Problem Solving Approach) and he avidly studied Gallilao, Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Isaac Newton who all championed and used Empirical Data as the basis of all knowledge and scientific understanding.

He was certainly thinking of the future and our understanding now of the value of learning organisations, when he wrote

“The sweetest path of life leads through the avenues of learning, and whoever can open up the way for another, ought, so far, to be esteemed a benefactor to mankind”

Hhmmmm…..makes you think doesn’t it….

Was he so advanced as to understand people and how to release their potential, and why has it taken so long in business to realise that the success of any organisation is as much to the people who deliver the value as it is to the head and the leadership team

It is in the avenue of learning, systemisation and problem solving where companies succeed or fail, which is why the best coaches and consultancies focus on transfering that learning, knowledge and resourcefulness to their clients, that they may continue to learn and apply those improvement and problem solving strategies for themselves