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Crisis PictureManagers and leaders today are finding it more and more difficult to realise and release their time to focus on what is most important and to engage effectively with staff and lead the changes and new initiatives necessary in the current competitive, but also distracting economic climate.


Many managers are overwhelmed and overloaded with problems, new initiatives, projects and improvement plans that they are not driving their business or department forward in the way they would like. They know they should do more, they can do more, but always, they are brought back to reality of day to day fighting off the problems, distractions and interruptions that keep them from adding more value.


Releasing Time to Lead challenges the managers current perspective and thinking around time and what they focus on. Managers and Leaders today are finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to do all the things they feel they need to do, or they are being directed to do to perform in their roles. Time is fixed, only 24 hours in a day and on average only 50 working hours for a manager in a week, and yet many are still working 60 or 70 hours with the work they have to take home to keep on top of everything. We all know time is fixed and we all say how valuable it is and yet we try to cram in as many activities into our working time to achieve more and get more done


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You can’t manage time and so “Time Management Training” does not work. What does work is a realisation and awareness on what is most important, on how to plan, organise and systemise how you work so it becomes both habitual and routine. Developing your own systems of working to add more value and increase your own productivity.


As a manager you add most value when you focus on THE MOST VALUABLE ACTIVITIES that make a difference, not everything.



Releasing Time to Lead Mind Map Overview


The Concept


Releasing Time to Lead gives managers a framework, a thinking way, a set of principles and methods to become more effective in how they organise and manage their activities. Some people like to use the term, “Time Management” but we all know you cannot manage time, you manage activities, you manage priorities and you systemise how you work so it becomes both a habit and a routine.


Learning any skill, involves developing easy to apply routines that create habits and powerful behaviors and releasing time to lead starts to systemise how you plan your time and activities, how you work, how you engage with people and how you manage your environment.


The techniques are those applied by the most effective lean leaders around the world. This is what makes them some of the most productive and influencial leaders in the most successful companies.At first it may seem that the tools and techniques are so simple, and they are, but it is in the rigor and repeated application that the skill becomes habit and the methodology for embedding those skills is where our program is most effective.


This program teaches you systems thinking, how to understand your activities and their value, how to see and recognise your time stealers, the wastes that managers often do unconsciously, that consume time and opportunity to make a difference.


Download The Releasing Time to Lead Report and start to work on your productivity habits, learn about The 11 Wastes of Management and then call us and we can show you where to go to next




11 Wastes of Management



The Model



ObjectiviseThe first step is always understanding the current state, one of Expanding Awareness and seeing the potential for increasing your value as a manager and leader. Focus on your most valuable activities, identifying whats most important, understand your time stealers and the 11 Wastes of Managers and Knowledge Workers. Clarify your vision, goals and objectives, your issues, distractions and problems. Understand your values and principles. Analyse and understand where you add most value, where you can make the greatest difference and what you should be focusing on.


Organise and OptimiseHow do you organise and plan your time, what is most important in the context of the future, what are your priorities? Everyone needs a way of organising how they think, organising their working environment and their activities and priorities so they can focus their attention on the things that make the difference. Where ATTENTION goes, ENERGY FLOWS.


Systemise and Standardise Creating personal and business systems that are also easy to remember and easy to apply. How do you systemise your activities, how do you eliminate those wastes, avoid procrastination and maintain focus?


Share and Support Now you have become excellent at adding value, at making a difference and positively impacting those around you, now is the time to pass it on. How do you transfer this knowledge onto others, how do they learn and represent the world, what do you have to know about them so you can help them become successful in releasing their time to lead and succeed?


Contact us now to discuss how our Releasing Time to Lead Program can help you become more productive and effective as a manager


Many of our clients have released over 25% of their time as a direct result of applying the learning and techniques from this programme, 25% is over 8 hours a week. What would you do with 8 extra hours a week? How would you spend this time? What would you invest this time on to make a difference in your work, your projects, your peoples development or time back with your family. Think about it.


There are several schools of management thought and how to best organise your time and activities to make a difference, thousands of books on the subject.

Management theory can get pretty deep and technical.


That is probably why most of it does not really work. One size does not fit all.

We all think differently and represent the world differently, so learning and systems should enable us to become more effective by tuning into how we are.

What does work is creating systems that fit with who you are as a person, how you think, how you represent the world, and what you can repeatedly do so that you build habits of excellence.


Why is this important to me?


I am not doing this summary of the program to waste your time.

It is my vision to provide concise action steps that you can adopt right now to enhance how you increase your productivity and your potential for exceptional success.


Managers spend over 41% of their total 168 hours of time in a week on work related activities, not all of this time is spent on, or invested in high value, high impact activities that make a real difference.


This is time spent away from family, friends and other activities.

This is time you can release to focus on what is most important, time you can reallocate to what you want to invest it in.


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Contact us now to discuss how our Releasing Time to Lead Program can help you become more productive and effective as a manager