Leading Lean with Impact

If you are looking for a value for money, simple program that explains lean management systems clearly and enables you to shift your leadership style, so that you are increasing the value you deliver and you can make a significant IMPACT on the bottom line of your business or area of responsibility, then this is for you……


Leading with IMPACT hits at the core of how leaders successfully lead, influence and motivate people to do the things that make the difference

Leading Lean with IMPACT is a short course that introduces managers and leaders to the power of new leadership thinking.

In this course you will learn:


  • How Toyota became the success it is today and the lessons we can learn from this
  • How to lead more effectively with questions
  • How to apply situational leadership for different people in different circumstances
  • How to increase your value as a leader and manager
  • How to drive and influence effective problem solving, so that your people become problem solving masters
  • How to systemise your activities and routines to understand the business better, focus on your priorities and avoid those annoying distractions that pull you away from whats most important
  • How to make your business and areas more transparent
  • How to drive and transform your organisation into a performance based, continuous improvement focused culture
  • Transformational Leadership thinking and techniques that drive change
  • The six human needs, your people have to have to be open to influence
  • Understanding flow and what drives high performing people


Dependent on what you are looking to achieve, Leading with IMPACT can be delivered through a number of means:


  • Short condensed 1 day workshops
  • 3 day intensive training & practical learning sessions
  • Small group and one to one coaching & mentoring sessions


Let us put our track record to work for you. Make a five-minute phone call, and learn about the best option for you. You choose which will give you the greatest benefit over what time.

Contact us on +44 (0) 1745 85 7688+44 (0) 1745 85 7688 or email Mike @ Lean Mentor International we can help you decide which program and course is best for you



Download the Leading Lean with IMPACT Workshop Brochure here


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Leading Lean with Impact is Making a Difference in How you Lead



Leading and managing has always been a mixed bag of skills, techniques, behaviours and characteristics. Many would say that great leaders are born, some would say that great leaders are grown. In our experience having worked in some of the worlds largest and most successful companies, we would say that some great leaders are born, but many great leaders are grown from powerful lessons, delivered through practical experience, trial and error and scientific, systems based learning.


One of the most successful of organisations that has systems based learning and leadership development is Toyota, now the worlds #1 in Global Car Sales. With over 300,000 employees and close to 50,000 leaders at all levels across the company. Toyota  must know something about developing influential, resourceful and successful leaders. They do, and it all stems from their evolvement as an organisation that is driven by principles and human values around Respect For People


Mike Denison was one of those leaders at the TMUK’s Deeside Engine Plant, and it was here, along with his consulting successes with organisations such as Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Cars. Mercedes Benz, Bombardier Transportation and many others that he has developed a series of powerful leadership learning programs that are impacting organisations around the world.


To Lead with Impact, you have to understand what it is that influences and enables the people who you lead need, this course will help you to understand what your role is in enabling and mobilising your people to solve more problems, have more ideas, make more suggestions and take action on continuously improving their workplace for the mutual benefit of the business and their future.