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Self Assessment

Why might you consider coming on this program?

simple-blue-tick-vsmallIf you are someone that is:

simple-blue-tick-vsmallTime poor, feels that there is never enough time to do what needs to be done

simple-blue-tick-vsmallFeeling overwhelmed by the sheer weight of your workload, your activities, projects and your responsibilities

simple-blue-tick-vsmallDrowning in paper, files, folders, documents, reports, to do lists and post its or reminders everywhere

simple-blue-tick-vsmallFrustrated by the volume of e-mails and electronic communications

simple-blue-tick-vsmallSinking under the weight of interruptions and continual distractions

simple-blue-tick-vsmallFinds yourself going to and being involved with meetings that just do not feel they add any value to the business.


Or you are someone who is already fairly organised and productive, but wants to learn the latest systems and methods for becoming:

simple-blue-tick-vsmallMore efficient with your time and activities

simple-blue-tick-vsmallMore organised and systemised so that you can become mega productive

simple-blue-tick-vsmallHighly effective so you can make a real difference in your role

simple-blue-tick-vsmallMore focused, more intelligent in your decision making

simple-blue-tick-vsmallBetter equipped for the challenges and routines of a highly competitive and time starved world


Then you really should contact us to discuss how our “Releasing Time to Lead” program can help you

What is it, and where did it come from… the “Releasing Time to Lead” Program?

simple-blue-tick-vsmallDesigned to shift your thinking & your relationship with time

simple-blue-tick-vsmallHelps you systemise your routine activities and tasks

simple-blue-tick-vsmallFront end of one of my leadership programs, designed around…..

simple-blue-tick-vsmallCreating management capacity to do things differently

simple-blue-tick-vsmallFocus on Value & Personal Effectiveness

simple-blue-tick-vsmallManagement Productivity – Leadership Kaizen

simple-blue-tick-vsmallNOT another Time Management Tool…~*&$*!£?…….This program will systemise how you think, plan, prioritise and organise yourself

simple-blue-tick-vsmallWhen you apply these systems and techniques you will release 8 hours a week and in some cases a lot more to focus on the things that are most important to you

simple-blue-tick-vsmallMany of our clients have found this course invaluable towards structuring their management activities resulting in higher levels of performance and productivity in the business from their staff, because they now have time to engage and support their staff in continuous improvement endeavours, change programs, projects and in root cause problem solving.


How does it work?


It’s a practical, no nonsense, reflective series of sessions and activities, built into a workshop format that takes you step by step into understanding your relationship with time, identifying your most valuable activities and then structuring how you organise and plan your routine activities into the time required. You will leave the sessions excited and motivated to want to go and practice what you have learned…… everyone does.

The sessions are insightful, engaging and powerful in terms of shifting how you think about time, value and systems.

We can personally guarantee that when you apply these techniques consistently, you will never want to go back to your old way of working again.


This program is not for:

simple-blue-tick-vsmallPeople and managers who do not want to change what they do now

simple-blue-tick-vsmallPeople and managers who are not prepared to experiment with new ideas to increase their productivity

simple-blue-tick-vsmallPeople and managers who want different results but will not work on developing themselves to get those improved results.

simple-blue-tick-vsmallPeople and managers who are not committed to continually improving themselves

simple-blue-tick-vsmallPeople and managers who are comfortable where they are now.


All it will take to understand more about how this program and how it will directly help you feel more in control of your time and activities and measurably increase your personal productivity is……………..

……to contact us at Lean Mentor International or call on +44 (0) 1745 857688+44 (0) 1745 857688 and we will take you through the program and how it has helped hundreds of managers to get back their time.


Download your FREE ” Personal Productivity Self Assessment Tool” here

Self Assessment