Implementing Lean


From our 15 years of designing, delivering and managing lean programs, we have comprehensive experience and a systematic methodology for helping you to design the most appropriate program for your lean journey.

There is no “one way is best ” approach to implementing lean, every organisation is different and whilst all organisations are looking for reducing costs, improving productivity, improving quality and customer satisfaction and improving delivery performance, you and your organisation are unique and will have unique needs and wants depending on where you are on your continuous improvement journey.

We have experienced most if not all lean implementation strategies, based on the clients we have suppported over the years and we have found that by adapting innovative ways to the unique needs of the organisations we have supported, this has delivered higher levels of success and has established the foundation for a healthy, continuous improvement culture, those organisations were looking for.

Whether you apply a rapid results pilot approach to prove the benefits of lean, a business turnaround approach, a structured five step building block advised by many organisations, (stability approach of understanding the voice of your cuustomer, mapping the value stream and them eliminating the constraints and low value processes), or a full on organisation restruncturing, encompassing a long term (3 – 10 year lean vision and strategy) business plan, organisation development plan and a cultural change plan.


Lean Mentor International can assist you in the thinking, design, planning, and implementation of your lean strategy.

We start all lean thinking strategies by understanding the needs, aims and results your organisation is looking for and we map these against our Total Enterprise Lean model, encompassing lean system enablers, people enablers and transformation enablers.


All programs start with a basic evaluation diagnostic to help you understand your organisation’s position against a world class lean benchmark. This enables a pragmatic approach on how lean thinking can be applied to your organisations specific needs and requirements


Successful transformations utilising a lean strategy require the creation of an organisational structure that can maintain and sustain a Continuous Improvement Culture. Our practical expertise will support your specific needs regardless of where you are on your lean journey, keeping you focused and moving towards success. We know that lean is much more than the implementation of tools and techniques – it’s a business philosophy, and with many years of direct experience, Lean Mentor International are able to provide appropriate, practical solutions for your specific needs within a lean framework.

Lean Implementation Support

  • Lean Strategy and Lean Design
  • Lean Mentor International Lean Diagnosis
  • Lean Organisational Development
  • Total Enterprise Lean Modelling
  • Lean Expert Training and Development (creation of in house lean specialists)
  • Lean Leadership & Lean Management Development
  • Lean implementation planning
  • Hoshin – breakthrough strategy deployment and review process
  • Lean Vision and Blue Sky Thinking
  • Lean Tools Training (Training across the full range of lean tools and techniques – 7 Wastes, 5s, Workplace Organisation, Visual Management, Standardised Working, Systematic Problem Solving, Pokayoke (Error Proofing), Jidoka, JIT, Kanban, Heijunka, S.M.E.D. & Quick Changover, One Piece Flow, Andon, Yamazumi and Kamishibai, plus more)
  • Value Stream Mapping and Process Analysis, ICOR,
  • Customer Focus (Voice of the customer analysis, Quality Mapping,
  • Lean Accounting and Lean Return on Investment Evaluation
  • Supply Chain Management & Lean Procurment
  • Supplier Development Programs
  • Design for Lean Manufacturing and Lean Product Design
  • Internal Lean Consultant & Lean Expert Mentoring & Development ( Lean Competency Skills transfer, Consultant Skills, Influencing Skills, Performance Coaching)
  • Green & Lean Energy & Eco Kaizen

Lean Project & Program Management

  • Program Design (Charters, PIDs, Stakeholder Analysis, Program Indicators)
  • Ownership and delivery of key business projects
  • Interim management as your Lean Program Manager
  • New product introduction
  • Change Management Programmes
  • Lean Mentor International Lean Culture Evaluation & Lean Progress Tracking


Customers who have benefited from our lean program support include those in the following sectors


  • Manufacturing (Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Shipbuilding,
  • Transportation (Rail, Security & Cash)
  • Public sectors and HealthCare
  • Nuclea Industry
  • Finance
  • Food & Drinks Industries


Applying Lean will have a major impact on your organisation, you will benefit from some or all of the following outcomes


  • Bottom line performance improvement
  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings and cost reduction
  • Quality performance improvement
  • Increased service delivery
  • Customer satisfaction and customer perception improvement
  • Project recovery and project control improvement
  • Greater staff and worker engagement
  • Increased management effectiveness
  • Supplier performance improvement
  • Warehouse and store inventory reduction