High Impact Leadership Program

The ‘High Impact Leadership Program’ takes you and your team out of comfort and into excellence.  The full seven module program is unique as it applies lean thinking, system thinking and lean management practice, with the added combination of self reflection, management excellence exercises and on the job activities, to enable and encourage you into a new and improved way of thinking and practicing in your business. 

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This is an advanced lean manager coaching program, designed to both educate & enable managers & leaders to apply & lead, lean thinking & lean practice into an organisation.

Through leading & coaching lean by example & through management routines. The program takes the experiences of many Toyota leaders & managers & incorporates the development of lean management behaviours & lean management principles in a structured learning pattern that leaves the manager with the “How To” plus the context & why.

The program uses accelerated learning, reflective thinking & routine PDCA techniques to help the manager develop this effective style of leading & engaging their organisation in lean systems.

The program utilises staged learning & development to build a managers capability through On The Job practice & practical application in the real world. The program is the result of over 20 years of lean management research, analysis & development from over 100 projects & 35 clients.
Why a Lean Manager Development Program?

There are many leadership and management development programs out in the market, that help leaders and managers to lead more effectively, but there are very few that really go into the detail necessary to show you how to lead and manage in an environment of constant change, in a business world that is continually looking for improvements, cost savings and more output and innovation from employees. Leading in a “Lean” environment is different:


  • Leading and managing in a lean and a continuous improvement culture is very different from leading and managing in many other business environments.
  • The leader and manager has a different role, a role of supporting and serving the development and thinking of the people who work for them, a role of creating value added routines and people thinking systems and patterns, that enable people to challenge their own work and processes.
  • A role of challenge through understanding teams and individual’s capabilities and creating a healthy tension that promotes creative activity, a role of being highly visible in the business.
  • A role of enabling the deployment of goals and targets, of enabling people to act on their own initiative, but within a framework and structure that is beneficial to both the individual and the company.
  • The value and benefit of learning to lead this way is the positive impact and effectiveness of every engagement, be it one to one, one to group, in meetings, in projects and problem solving. It increases the leader’s capability and flexibility for leading people on a continuous improvement journey and in influencing change.
  • The role of the leader in a lean organisation is very much a teaching and coaching role in addition to a traditional managing and coordinating role.


Download the Leadership IMPACT program brochure here.


The Approach

Throughout the program your performance, thinking and activities are analysed and evaluated, so you can measure your learning experience as well as the impact your new techniques are having on the organisation.

As a leader or manager, on completion of the program you will be:


  • More influential, motivational and inspiring to your team
  • In a position to create a greater impact on your business and area of responsibility
  • Increase the value of your time and efforts, making a measurable difference in the business
  • Able to make quicker more effective decisions, increasing personal productivity
  • Able to encourage and influence your staff to contribute more, take personal ownership and make appropriate decisions for themselves
  • Greater understanding of your staff’s capability and what it takes to systematically solve problems successfully
  • Able to empower your staff to take control, manage and solve issues and make improvements in their area


We apply many of the real world practices from Toyota’s Lean Management Systems so that you can learn and drive excellence in your business through lessons from one of the worlds greatest organisations.


Practices such as:


  • Genchi- Gembutsu – Go, See, Understand The Reality – What does this really mean for a manager? How to do this effectively? What is it you are looking at and why?
  • Leaders Daily Standard Routines – How do you create leader routines that work? Why Standardised Work for Leaders? What should be standardised? How much should be routine? Where are the touch points?
  • Management Transparency – What are Business and Operations Performance Centres? What should be transparent? How to lead transparency? What governance? How should they be structured and what to measure?
  • Systematic Problem Solving – How to use systems thinking? Why use A3 Reports? 
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act – Everyone knows PDCA, but how effectively is it applied? What does it really mean for a lean manager? How to coach using PDCA? Creating ownership and accountability?
  • Value Added Management – Understanding management value? Understanding managers customers, What is servant leadership and how does it work?
  • Lean Leadership Principles and Values – What are the core principles lean leaders must follow to lead lean successfully
  • Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring – How does a manager teach? When should they coach and when should they mentor? Powerful coaching questions and how to challenge and leave someone wanting to take action?
  • Hansei – Self Purposeful Reflection – When to do hansei? How to do hansei? Developing Self Reliance and What questions should you ask yourself for the most impact?

Download the Leadership IMPACT program brochure here.


The Five Point Focus Model was developed from Mike Denison’s personal experiences working in Toyota and in implementing lean management excellence with his clients all over the world.

It focused attention onto the core elements of Lean Leadership Principles


High Impact Leadership Program


Customers who have completed the ‘High Impact Leadership Program’ demonstrate significant results in productivity, cost reductions and ultimately and increase on their bottom line.


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Download the Leadership IMPACT program brochure here.

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