Executive Leadership CoachingExecutive Leadership Coaching


We understand the importance of a leader in adding real value to a business. The Lean Mentor International Leadership and Management Programmes incorporate those key elements unique to world class companies who apply Lean to become more competitive and effective in their field. This enables you and your leadership team to accomplish far more from your business, to release the brakes and achieve your full potential.


Energised to take charge and improving morale

By implementing lean thinking with scientific management at a Leadership level you will be able to influence and empower the energy and intelligence of your workforce, helping to create a positive culture for sustained continuous improvement, energising individuals to take charge of their own work and improving morale.

Our coaching and mentoring programmes ensure you get the learning you need to lead your managers and your people to create the performance improvements you want to see in your business. Our expert individual and senior management team facilitation to support the lean leadership development of your senior managers will make you more effective as a leader by supporting your learning in the workplace and applying practical lean management habits that drive performance and develop lean thinking and lean behaviours in the leadership team.
This can be a very powerful way of aligning and strengthening the senior management team to create a lean vision, design a new way of working and behaving, developing the lean strategy through blue sky planning and Hoshin processes and the creation of business and transformation master schedules that enable the measuring, monitoring and managing process so important in a lean programme .


Provide an environment of trust, safety and collaboration


Interventions become an integral part of the learning support provided in a structured lean leadership development programme, this is often a multi-modular programme attended by a group or team of participants and then individually supported with face-to-face conversations, in a distraction-free environment, but always pertinent and directly linked to business and personal performance improvement. These conversations are confidential to the individual concerned and enable a safe place for exploring what is important to you as the client. This kind of coaching and mentoring support provides an environment of trust, safety and collaboration where issues and specific personal development can be explored without fear of judgement.


Telephone and the virtual space


Telephone support is always available to complement these meetings and the virtual space is an option for internationally-based clients or at times when a face to face meeting is unrealistic. We aim to apply for face to face conversations, since it is these conversations in your work environment and directly relating to your problems and challenges that we can support you best. .

As a result of coaching, our clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.


Make an immediate impact


The focus of our Executive Coaching is on improving the individual’s abilities as a leader and manager, by working through real-life examples to build on current strengths and overcome weaknesses. We coach more senior managers and executives who have very few weaknesses and lots of strengths, but they want a trusted advisor and experienced lean manager to help them see and apply how they can adopt a more effective way of leading towards their lean and continuous improvement culture.

This process involves several styles of intervention aimed at understanding the drivers behind the individual’s behaviour and using the coach’s skill and insight to help them change.

Lean Mentor International has lead and developed some of the initial Lean Learning Academies now so established in many organisations. It is through these academies that leaders and managers have learned how to lead in a new way, they have been facilitated in practicing these new skills and thinking so that when they return to the business they have a practical set of skills and a thinking way that enables them to make an impact immediately.



Awareness, Analysis, Action, and Assessment

Lean Mentor International’s customised Executive Coaching development process uses a 4-phase approach: Awareness, Analysis, Action, and Assessment.


A Lean Mentor International Coach helps the leader and learner to create a picture of how their personal performance links to lean thinking and business goals. This comprises a range of diagnostic instruments and self analysis methods around personal style, culture and lean thinking – including 360 degree feedback to raise awareness of key strengths and opportunities for development as well as likely problem areas.


The Coach explores what future lean leadership behaviour should look like by reviewing organisation-specific lean leadership competencies and values. Specific behavioural indicators are identified and mapped against the learner’s current performance measures. This ensures that the future-focus is anchored to actual events and situations.


The period of trialling and testing lean leadership behaviours is followed by detailed feedback. This ensures that the Coach is available as a support and role model for the leader and learner as he/she completes a series of action steps toward their goals and a new more effective way of leading and managing.


This involves self reflection and the Coaches feedback system. It is in this self reflection period where the learning and insights always happen. Assessment also is part of the overall evaluation of the coaching and mentoring intervention to establish the value and return on investment of the support.

All learning and development can be quantified, this includes training, coaching mentoring and advice giving or consultancy. We have  developed a number of methods for helping our clients evaluate the ROI of our coaching and business performance improvement support.

Contact us at Lean Mentor International and we can explain how you will quanitfy the value you can get from our programs and coaching

Business benefits

  • Support for the appointment of a senior person into an executive or wider role in an organisation moving into transformation
  • Personal lean leadership development acceleration for individuals defined as “high potential”
  • A support mechanism for wider personal effectiveness programmes linked to business improvement from lean programmes
  • Increases the effective implementation of organisational change and transformation
  • Encouraging behaviour change where required, either by maximising effective behaviours or reducing limiting behaviours
  • Developing leaders and managers emotional intelligence, lean thinking and systems thinking
  • Providing a sounding board for a senior individual leading a lean and change programme

Lean Mentor International coaches operate in line with the competencies and code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Institute of Directors (IOD).