Lean Mentor International

With over 15 years in improving business and management performance, we can structure how we transfer our knowledge and experience to you through many different mediums.


Some of our clients want us to show them how to do something, some want us to role model what we know and how to apply what we know. Some want us to consult with them, give guidance and advice.

Other clients want us to coach, not to show, but to ask them questions so they have to think through a solution or way forward on their own, this way they know, they own the path and they are accountable for making something happen.


And there are clients who want us to deliver knowledge through workshops and seminars, some go away and work on their own and others want periods of support and coaching so they fully understand how to apply what they are learning.

The most successful leaders, managers, sports people and performers all have someone in the background lifting them up to a higher level.

People can achieve great things when they know how, when they have mastered their thinking and habits and when they are pushed beyond what they thought they could achieve. That’s why we can take you out of comfort into excellence.


We can tailor your learning and development in whichever way brings you the best results, and we can show you how to measure the ROI. Everything can be measured and improved and everything that gets measured against a Target Condition usually improves.

Lean Management Services

Lean Management Services

What are you left with from our services? Let’s focus on that…

Your organisation can benefit from a range of specialist services, all derived from Toyota best practise and over twenty years’ experience working with senior management to implement change.


Working with Lean Mentor International on Lean Management Services, your will be left with:

  • More profit, as waste and costs are removed from your systems and processes.
  • A more systemised approach to delivering your products and services, reducing unnecessary activities, reducing variability and increasing effectiveness.
  • A more systemised way of managing that ensures simple routines, consistency and rigor
  • Staff will feel more empowered to make decisions and drive profitability.
  • You will have greater levels of transparency in the business enabling faster and more effective decisions
  • You will achieve shorter lead times, lower inventory numbers, leading to accelerated cash flow, making you more competitive, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • On Time Delivery capability will be increased, strengthening your competitive edge on those who are failing to address their internal systems.
  • You will be left with a controlled work flows, enabling more effectively run departments, areas, facilities and the organisation
  • Management teams will have greater influence over their staff, and drive more impacting results.
  • A way to see how a holistically designed lean program really does bring you both longer term and short term benefits


Take a look at what some of our clients are saying about working with us, and we can put you in touch with some of them if you want to understand more about how we work.