Problem Solving

Problem Solving WHYOver the last few years I have found myself time and time again working with organisations that just don’t get “Problem Solving”

What I mean is they invest millions of pounds and dollars into understanding lean techniques and into problem solving methodologies, even more into six sigma programs and yet their problem solving capabilities is still relatively ineffective. Continue reading

Mental Toughness

Does Toyota Create Mental Toughness in its People?

We all know that people are our most valuable asset, and they are essential to the performance of our businesses, wouldn’t it be a good idea to assist both managers and employees to develop optimum mental strength?

The usual phrase is “mental toughness”, conjuring up a vision of muscular men, sports, injuries, and heroic feats, but the phrase “mental strength” Continue reading

Teaching People How to Think-largeSafety and Lean go hand in hand in terms of continuous improvement. Whilst lean looks to eliminate waste and increase both efficiency and effectiveness and value of an organisation, safety focus or creating a safety culture engages members to look for. become highly aware of and eliminate hazards that ensure a safer, more secure and less vulnerable working environment for all. Continue reading


Was David Hume, the 17th Century, Scottish philosopher the real founder of much of today’s business thinking and possibly Toyota’s TPS?

He explored and developed much of his thinking around The Scientific Method (adopted by Toyota in its PDCA, Hoshin & Problem Solving Approach) and he avidly studied Gallilao, Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Isaac Newton who all Continue reading

It’s been a busy – and fascinating – couple of weeks for me as I’ve been busy preparing for and delivering a workshop at the Total Manufacturing Excellence conference in Cairo.Manufacturing_Excellence_small

As both Chair of the event and one of the keynote speakers, I had the opportunity to engage with most of the delegates over the course of the two day event. Continue reading

august_14th_blogI took a phone call yesterday from an operations manager who’d been reading all about lean management theory and thought it would be an ideal approach for his organisation. He was enthusiastic, passionate even, and keen to know how we could help.

Great. So far, so good. Continue reading

I was invited to dinner this week and, as talk often does when I tell people what I do, the conversation turned to matters of business management and management style. Manufacturing_Excellence_small

One of those at the table was the managing director of an SME, a sizeable and reasonably successful company that’s been growing at a steady rate for almost fifty years. Continue reading

Mobile Phone ImageNews that the O2 mobile network has gone down leaving millions of customers unable to make or receive calls is catastrophic for the company. For many, the problems will simply mean that they cannot organise their social life for the weekend. Meanwhile business users so accustomed to being contactable by colleagues and customers 24/7 will find the prospect of being incommunicado even for a few hours incomprehensible. Continue reading