High PerformanceLean is more than tools & Kaizen……real lean is all about growing people & helping people to perform at their very best, in the way “they” perform at their best.

If the tools we teach people constrain how they perform, if they are introduced without regard to teaching thinking, resourcefulness and systemising how people work, then something is missing. Continue reading

LMi Christmas Wishes 2013As this week progresses and everyone scrabbles to complete their work and commitments for 2013, and set themselves up for next year, we at Lean mentor International wanted to wish all our visitors, connections, friends, colleagues and clients a Very Merry Christmas and A Highly Successful 2014. Continue reading

Mental Toughness

Does Toyota Create Mental Toughness in its People?

We all know that people are our most valuable asset, and they are essential to the performance of our businesses, wouldn’t it be a good idea to assist both managers and employees to develop optimum mental strength?

The usual phrase is “mental toughness”, conjuring up a vision of muscular men, sports, injuries, and heroic feats, but the phrase “mental strength” Continue reading

Teaching People How to Think-largeSafety and Lean go hand in hand in terms of continuous improvement. Whilst lean looks to eliminate waste and increase both efficiency and effectiveness and value of an organisation, safety focus or creating a safety culture engages members to look for. become highly aware of and eliminate hazards that ensure a safer, more secure and less vulnerable working environment for all. Continue reading

Eiji ToyodaEiji Toyoda has left us aged 100, one of the fathers of lean thinking and TPS, Eiji Toyoda was a significant contributor to the Toyota we know of today, but more than this he was a shaper and designer of what I believe to be one of the greatest companies of the modern era. Continue reading

networked-worldWhat is a Total Lean Enterprise

Whilst many organisations focus on getting to grips with the lean tools and techniques and managing the change to a new way of working and managing their new business practices, some organisations are realising that “lean” is much more than tools and techniques, more than a new way of leading and Continue reading

august_14th_blogI took a phone call yesterday from an operations manager who’d been reading all about lean management theory and thought it would be an ideal approach for his organisation. He was enthusiastic, passionate even, and keen to know how we could help.

Great. So far, so good. Continue reading

Blackboard ImageAs parents and students reach the end of another school year, head teachers – or principals as they are now often called – are able to take stock of what’s worked well during the course of the year and where improvements are needed going forward. The summer recess provides an ideal period of reflection and valuable downtime to put changes in place. Continue reading