What will you gain from working with Lean Mentor International?

We have a proven track record of delivering client benefits through the development of leaders and senior managers in many diverse areas of business. Leading to increasing productivity and delivery performance, boosting equipment and unit reliability, to improved quality performance, project turnaround and process lead time reductions.

Coaching and mentoring programs have resulted in significant ongoing performance increases and cost savings due to a more focused management approach.

Typical Client Outcomes

These are some of the outcomes our clients have recognised:


  • You will raise and improve your company’s performance in the area of most important to you.
  • You will see the powerful changes that have been made in the way your business operates.
  • You will be more skilled at understanding and applying what to do, how you do it and why.
  • You will apply a coaching style of leadership that is much more influential and motivational, creating interest from your staff to make improvements.
  • You will have a system for how you select and deploy the right measures that will drive performance.
  • You will have a system for effectively monitoring what must be monitored to manage your required performance improvement.
  • You will be clear on those non value activities and better able to add more value into the business that will result in greater results and business performance.
  • You will spend less time on fire fighting and become more adept at supporting your staff to overcome challenges and put in solutions that will not repeat.
  • The improved performance will be sustainable through the management systems we introduce with you.
  • Your bottom line will actually have been improved.
  • Your delivery performance is on time, every time and you have contingency plans for things beyond your control.

Performance Improvements Benefits

Here are a few of the more recent performance improvements benefits our clients have benefited from:

Eric Patterson RSM Project Manager
$29,000,000 milestone payment recovery
“LMi was brought onto the PPP project by Downer EDI Rail in April 2009 to assist the project in meeting a crucial design milestone.
Their contribution was hugely significant. With an emphasis on visual management, rigorous forward planning, incessant follow-up and the optimizing of behaviours through coaching, the project was able to marshal the necessary focus to pull-off this very important challenge. The pay-back was substantial as these performance centres continue to play a vital day-to-day role in delivering this very complex project. Downer EDI Rail can recommend LMI without hesitation.”

Production and Quality

  • Automotive, 15% productivity increase, resulting from units per hour performance improvement strategy
  • 13% productivity in stamping and forging facility
  • 28% increase in right first time parts
  • Direct ROI in an Automotive Organisation over three sites, delivering >3:1 value from cost out and productivity improvements over a one year period
  • Electrical Component Manufacturer – 11% productivity improvement, 383 square meters floor space released for other product, €150k WIP and inventory savings, €0.5m total savings over a 12 week project 

Rail and Transportation

  • Train and Fleet availability performance increases by 6% in one fleet over a 18 week period
  • Train and Fleet reliability performance improvements from 10,000 miles between failure to >40,000 miles between failure
  • Train modification turnaround times from 36 days to 7 days
  • Train refurbishment turnaround from 153 days to 49 days
  • Reduced turnaround of one whole train refurbishment from 23 hours to 15 hours
  • Heavy maintenance 43% improvement in train turnaround time
  • Engine changeover 66% time saved from 11 hours to 5 hours
  • Productivity Improvement of 302% over a six week program

Performance IMPACT

Graham Turnbull, G4S

“We hired LMi to assist with the development of Lean Leadership within the senior management team of G4S Cash Services and to implement some Lean interventions within the high volume cash processing areas of the business. “The approach was exceptional, getting right into the psychology of leadership value and the barriers to success. This is clearly where they excel. The management initiatives that Mike led were well thought out, efficiently executed and delivered real results. Overall, this works at any level, be it leading teams through production changes or coaching and mentoring CEOs”

Process lead time reduction from 18 hours to 12.5 hours, increased value from 9% to 14%, 52% increase in successful problem solving, 15% reduction in claims, 7% labour cost reduction, 60% reduction of errors, 37% reduction of non value added activity.


Culture Change

Chris Goddard, Operations Manager, Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels

“I am seeing small improvement steps every day and we are now moving towards a culture involving higher levels of accountability in a non- threatening way. Performance in the problem areas where we have concentrated our coaching and leadership effort have increased beyond my expectation in a short period. I set the target of getting Cell OEE up to 73% by end of the year, one shift is there already, one is not far behind and the other three are rapidly catching up The biggest value is not in the theory but in the applied practice in the ‘field’ and the coaching support you provided to change the habits, this Manufacturing Leadership Program- it delivers results.”